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GRE Tunnel through 3000 concentrator

I am having trouble finding a document that describes setting up a GRE Tunnel through a 3000 Concentrator.

Here's what I would like to do. I want to create a LAN/LAN VPN with IPSEC/3DES from a remote router to a Cisco 3030 Concentrator. Also with this I want to create a GRE Tunnel from the remote router through the Cisco 3030 Concentrator to a Cisco 7505 Router. I want to use this GRE Tunnel for Eigrp updates so that if a DSL circuit goes down the remote router will automatically route via another DSL Circuit that has been setup with similar Tunnels.

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Re: GRE Tunnel through 3000 concentrator

I don't think the concentrators support GRE tunneling, take a look at the following URL for tunneling protocols supported,

But if you configure PPTP it uses GRE for data transfer

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Re: GRE Tunnel through 3000 concentrator

I'm using the same thing, mainly because the tunnel is used to backup FR.

I created tunnel with source and destination using private IP addresses (Not used in our network). I created static routes for tunnel destination going to closer VPN device. After tat I created LAN to LAN sesion allowing only GRE traffic using private addresses of the tunnel. If I understand it right the remote router is VPN headend and Tunnel headend. You have to be sure that you apply the crypto map on both outgoing physical int and tunnel int.

If you want to have more details you can email me (



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