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How to add an ASA to PRIME 4.2

Hi Friends,

I am looking for help with adding an ASA to PRIME for a customer.  Has anyone ever done this?  I have been searching Cisco documentation and I am unable to find any information expalining how to accomplish this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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It's not much different from

It's not much different from any other Cisco device. Realize the ASA will not support CiscoView or placement within Topology. You won't be able to discover it via CDP module since it doesn't support CDP.


Other than that, just follow the standard procedure for adding a device. Add it explicitly and you can do standard fault and configuration management tasks.

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Hi Marvin,Thank you for the

Hi Marvin,

Thank you for the response.  We have followed the procedure listed in the doucment, however it is still not working correctly.  PRIME can ping, telnet, SSH, to the device and it passes the SNMPv2c Read checks but nothing shows up.  It wont read the configs.  

Bascially all my customer wants to be able to do is to back up the running config in PRIME.

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We are seeing the checks pass

We are seeing the checks pass in the "Reachability Status" window pane, however nothing will show up in the "Device Informaiton" Window pane.

I am unsure how to troubleshoot this issue.  Any suggestions or tips?


Troubleshooting Tools:http:/

Troubleshooting Tools:

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Does anyone have a sample

Does anyone have a sample SNMP config that is workign with PRIME they can share?


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