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How to Configure in ASDM

Hi all,

Using ASDM Java applet how to configure a Ip address in Objeject group on ASA firewall




Re: How to Configure in ASDM

To configure a network object group:


Step 1 In the Configuration > Global Objects > Network Objects/Group pane, click Add > Network Object Group to add a new object group, or choose an object group and click Edit.

You can also add or edit network object groups from the Addresses side pane in a rules window, or when you are adding a rule.

To find an object in the list, enter a name or IP address in the Filter field and click Filter. The wildcard characters asterisk (*) and question mark (?) are allowed.

The Add/Edit Network Object Group dialog box appears.

Step 2 In the Group Name field, enter a group name.

Use characters a to z, A to Z, 0 to 9, a dot, a dash, or an underscore. The name must be 64 characters or less.

Step 3 (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description up to 200 characters in length.

Step 4 You can add existing objects or groups to the new group (nested groups are allowed), or you can create a new address to add to the group:

•To add an existing network object or group to the new group, double-click the object in the Existing Network Objects/Groups pane.

You can also select the object, and then click Add. The object or group is added to the right-hand Members in Group pane.

•To add a new address, fill in the values under the Create New Network Object Member area, and click Add.

The object or group is added to the right-hand Members in Group pane. This address is also added to the network object list.

To remove an object, double-click it in the Members in Group pane, or click Remove.

Step 5 After you add all the member objects,click OK.

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Re: How to Configure in ASDM

Hi ,

Tnks for your reply.My ASDM version 5.x.

Kindly provide Configuration steps according that version.



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