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how to logon to domain via 1720 VPN

i have configure the remote client/w cisco VPN client 1.1 to dial into my 1720. The VPN tunnel is builded successfully. i can ping both remote client IP and internal IP. now , i would like to know how to i configure my win98 client to logon to my Domain via VPN ? somebody told me just add the LMHOSTS file..

thank for your help

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Re: how to logon to domain via 1720 VPN

You can use LMHOSTS or a WINS server to identify the domain hosts. Once they are identified, the domain should “see” you and offer you a login. Also, this note is in the release notes:“A delay may occur between the time the Windows network login prompt appears and the actual establishment of the IPSec tunnel. This delay may cause the login attempt to time out because a server is not available. If this occurs, cancel the first attempt and retry. Use the event log on the VPN Client during this process to view login status.” http://cco/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/iaabu/csvpnc/csvpnrn/vpn11rn.htm#xtocid2717937

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