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Integration Firewall VS. Zone Labs Integrity Server for VPN 3005

I am currently researching firewalls that intergrate with the VPN Concentrator, and I wanted some type of advice on the differences between the Cisco Integrated Firewall and the Integrity Server Zone Labs offers. Would implementing the Zone Labs product just overkill? Or would the Cisco integrated firewall do all i need to do, if configured correctly?

Thanks in advice!

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Re: Integration Firewall VS. Zone Labs Integrity Server for VPN

The Cisco integrated fw is based on ZoneLabs' technology (or so I'm told).

We're using Integrity with the Cisco client, a 3030 and additionally using SecureID. The combination has proven to be solid and very workable. Integrity has a lot of nice features, and can give you a great deal more than the integrated fw in terms of granularity and (IMHO) protection. Speaking from personal experience the support from ZoneLabs has been great (far better than I expected!).

One thing particularly nice if you have users who like to "tinker" is that there is no user configurable portion to Integrity. I use it with the concentrator set to check for and deny access if Integrity isn't running when the VPN connection is initiated.

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