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Monitoring VPN groups

I have a Cisco PIX 515, I currently have 5 VPN groups set up, Is there a way for me to monitor the activity for the last few days for a each VPN group? I am trying to monitor one of my VPN groups inpacticular.

Also each of the users of the 5 groups has complained about the speed of the VPN connection. they connect and start for 10 minutues with great speed, but with in 1/2 hr the speed becomes slower than modem dial up access. Any suggestions where to look? I am getting ready to set up 5 more remote medical clinics and would like to resolve the speed issue first??

Thanks for you help!!!

Cyndi Lang


Re: Monitoring VPN groups

I do not think that Object grouping has anything to do with the slow speed. All that object groups do is to reduce the size of the configuration and your problem probably lies somewhere else. All the same, to monitor the activity of each VPN group, you coulduse the PIX Device Manager. The PDM, in addition to a number of other features, provides a wide range of real-time and historical reports which you could use as required.

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