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MS file shares not accessible through VPN 3005

I have a weird problem that I have been struggling with for quite some time. On some remote computers I can connect through the VPN just fine, and access MS file shares. On other machines I cannot. In all cases I make an authenticated connection with the concentrator just fine.

The examples I can give are from today:

A dial-up connection, using a group that is not translating NAT over UDP, can access MS file shares just fine.

My home network, which is behind a Linksys router and NATed, cannot access file shares with or without translating NAT over UDP.

The strange thing is I was once able to access these shares from my home network. Something has changed, and I'm not sure what it is.

The Concentrator is running 4.0.5B. I have tried running on client vesion 4.0.5B and 4.6.3, both with the same results.


Re: MS file shares not accessible through VPN 3005


Have you got NAT Traversal enbled on your concentrator? If not, enable this and try again.

To configure NAT-T globally, go to the Configuration | System | Tunneling Protocols | IPSec | NAT Transparency screen and check the IPSec over NAT-T check box.

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: MS file shares not accessible through VPN 3005

I thought of that as well. I turned that on and tried again at home, and still no luck.

Is there a guide somewhere that talks about the steps you have to take to make sure that Microsoft services are accessible over the Cisco VPN client? I can remote desktop with one client at home, but not with another. I cannot access shares with either.


Re: MS file shares not accessible through VPN 3005

maybe the issue is related to software firwall, including the wins xp sp2 built-in firewall.

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