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Needs Support for designing Solution with CISCO Hardware to make cost effec

I would appreciate a lot if I can get this solution along with CISCO Hardwares.

The managing team explains the application as a

loosely coupled application for this cluster. As you

better know, these kinds of applications, generally,

do not need an interconnection network like

InfiniBand, or QsNet, which have higher BW and Lower

latency, and also are much more expensive compared to

GbE. As a result, we are looking for a GbE technology

interconnection which would meet our needs and be less

expensive (no RDMA, no TOE, on-board NICs). However,

there is a proprietary technology, Myrinet, which

offers very reasonable prices, even considering that

we have to buy and use its own NICs, with better

performance, including RDMA, TOE, non-blocking, higher

bw, lower latency.

Therefore, we have three choices: GbE Cisco, GbE

Force10, and Myrinet Myricom. Keeping our application

in mind, you see that hardware cost has a significant

impact on choosing one of the above choices. Against

to my expectations, I found Catalyst6500-based

clusters so expensive. Having studied Cisco's

products, I myself think that they have basically been

designed for other environments like data centers,

commercial sectors of the Internet, etc, with routing

features and security concerns, as they support wide

range of module cards in order to provide customers

with better services in those areas and most probably

this is the reason why they cost relatively more. I

would really appreciate it if you could help us make a

wise decision by examining the enclosed designs.

Let us know if we have missed to consider other necessary equipment in our designs or

made a mistake in using unnecessary equipment. I hope

you will offer us better solutions.


Re: Needs Support for designing Solution with CISCO Hardware to

Hey there,

A 6500 is not the only GbE product. Have a look at the 4500 and the 3750 offerings. Depending on your current infrastructure, these could be the ones for you.

Hope that helps,


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