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No File Sharing over VPN


we have an IPSec tunnel between two cisco 1841.The tunnel works fine, we can work with Ping, FTP, Telnet and so on. But we can not work with file sharing.Is there anybody how knows this problem?

We use a normal IPSec Tunnel with crypto map and ACL's.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Re: No File Sharing over VPN

I have a very similar problem as well. I have 2 - 1811's with a tunnel between them. I am not using crypto maps but rather VTI with IPSec. I can ping, FTP, etc., but drive mapping fails, outlook doesn't connect - basically any connection to a Microsoft resource fails. BUT, if I take the test windows account and elevate it to a domain admin, everything works. I've verified this many times and can reproduce it every time. Regular user status, no go. Domain Admin users connect ok. I don't think it's a Cisco issue but rather a Microsoft focus but they have nothing on their support site about this. Any one have any ideas? BTW, Lorenz, give my test a try and see if you get the same results.

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Re: No File Sharing over VPN

Hi Lorenz,

You might also want to run a ping test with variable packet size and configure the mtu on the client accordingly.

ping -l 1500 -f

Keep reducing the packet size till you start getting responses and then set the mtu size on the client. You will be required to restart the computer once done.



Re: No File Sharing over VPN


for TCP connections having MTU related issues it helps to configure "ip tcp mss-adjust 1400".

Regards, Martin

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