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pix 501 vpn setup failure

Hi all,

I would like to ask for a help:

I got my hands on pix 501 and I'm supposed to run vpn on it in our network. It is placed behind an ADSL wifi router with dhcp. So i configured the outer interface to be part of our network ( I used http applet to configure vpn with wizard.I need remote vpn, i think, to connect from outside to our network. So i use vpnc from linux and i can connect and authenticate but then nothing and there the problem i cant find resources to explain how should vpn network work. Everything i found on google is very simple and doesnt go into the detail. I setup port forwarding so i can connect from outside to pix and that works. i just dont understand how to run vpn (cli/applet). Can somebody help with some guides or tips, because i mess with this 3 days and no advance made. Thanks


Re: pix 501 vpn setup failure

Hi Marek,

if I understand correctly you are saying you PIX is already configured as VPN server and the Linux box from outside can RA VPN into the PIX but from that point on the linux cannot access anything behind pix? can you confirm this is the case.. if so probably you want to look into your nonat access list and also make sure you haev NAT-T enabled in the PIX.


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