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Please Help with ASA and netflow


I'm not new to cisco but i am new to firewalls and ASA.

right now i have a test bed set up to test this netflow software (manageengine if that matters)

I have 2 2800 series routers and 1 ASA 5505 (8.2(1) )

I have it like this

_pc{router (INT)}__192.168.1.2/1______{ASA5505}____vlan2{router (external)}____ PC runing netflow

becuase this is a test the ASA security level is 0 on both ports and the allow inter and intra command has been used to pass traffic

Netflow can see the netflow packets from the route but not the asa or  the router.

I know my router confige is correct becuase i have it working on one router, the ASA i followed a giude, so not sure, but there is problem becuase the packets are not gett through the asa.

all access list and group point to allow any any in the asa.

nothing should be blocked!!!!

i'm stuck

Community Member

Re: Please Help with ASA and netflow

also rip is working between everything

Cisco Employee

Re: Please Help with ASA and netflow

From the topology diagram, it seems that both network exist on the inside and outside of the ASA, is this correct?

If that is the case, it will not work. Your ASA I assume is in routed mode so it will be similar to router. You can't have the same subnet connected to 2 different interfaces. If my assumption is incorrect, please kindly post a clearly topology diagram.

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