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New Member

Problems Installation CSM 3.3.0

When i try to install the application the followinr error message appears

INFO: IEV install : panel_checkForInstalledIEV : Cisco IPS Event Viewer is already installed on your machine.  As a part of the regular Cisco Security Manager installation a new copy of the IPS Event Viewer will also be installed.  Please, uninstall the viewer, reboot the server and try the CS Manager installation again.

I did not find any information that can help me at the cisco page.

Please if anybody know something!!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems Installation CSM 3.3.0


  Is this a brand new install of CSM?

  Does the system you are installing CSM to have a copy of either the IPS Event Viewer (IEV) or IPS Manager Express (IME) installed?  If so, you must uninstall IEV/IME prior to installing CSM.


New Member

Re: Problems Installation CSM 3.3.0

I also experiencing the same error message whenever I try to install CSM 3.3.1, although I did not have any IME installed, and I could not find any IEV installed in my server. This problem happened when I not properly uninstalled CSM 3.3.1, but after successfully removed the application, when I try to install the software again, then this error message appeared. I have looked in all directories, registry editor, services, but still I unable to find IPS event viewer file. Please advice

New Member

Re: Problems Installation CSM 3.3.0

Thanks Scott,

I uninstalled Cisco IPS Event Viewer from Control Panel and I restart the server, then i tried to install the aplication again but did not works, and like shairolbit said the Cisco IPS Event Viewer file or folder does not appear, and i looked on the cisco page in the installation guide but this error does not appear.


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