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Problems with VMS installation

After VMS installation I am experiencing the next problems:

I cannot open IDSMC neither PIXMC.

First thought it was becasuse during installation I did not registered Lisence and skiped this step, but already got the .lic file and tried

vpn security management solution-administration-common services-lisencing information, tried to upgrade, but don´t get any information while displaying the lisence information box.

So, I haven´t been able to upgrade the .lic and besides this problem, some services appear as "administrator" instead of local system.

The services that appear this way are:

cw2000 device agent framework

cw2000 krs database

cw2000 lock manager

cw2000 tomcat servlet engine.

The procedure I followed to installed was:

1.- Common services

2.- Pix MC

3.- AUS

4.- IDS MC

5.- Security Monitor

After this, some services did not come up according to manual.

I would appreciate your help.


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Re: Problems with VMS installation

What is the version of VMS you are attempting to install ? What are the versions for the different products ?

Which services are not coming up on the box ?

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Re: Problems with VMS installation

The problem you describe sounds like one that can arise from changing the administrator password on the server on which VMS is installed. While I cannot be certain based on the information supplied in the original message, you might want to take a look at the following information that I have copied and pasted from the VMS docs:

Changing Service Passwords

The following CiscoWorks Common Services services require their passwords to be synchronized with the password of the Windows account used to install CiscoWorks Common Services:

* CW2000 Device Agent Framework

* CW2000 KRS Database

* CW2000 Lock Manager

* CW2000 Tomcat Servlet Engine

Whenever the password for the Windows account that was used to install CiscoWorks Common Services changes, you need to manually change the password for the listed services. If you do not, the services will not start, causing CiscoWorks Common Services features to not load properly.

The need to change the passwords typically occurs in environments where security settings require password changes at regular intervals.

To change the passwords for the CiscoWorks Common Services services, follow these steps:

Step 1 Select Start > Settings > Control Panel from the Windows taskbar.

The Windows Control Panel appears.

Step 2 Double-click Administrative Tools.

The Administrative Tools window appears.

Step 3 Double-click Services.

A list of installed services appears. Scroll down the list until you see the CiscoWorks Common Services services listed above.

Step 4 For each service listed above, follow these steps:

a. Double-click the service name.

The service properties dialog box appears.

b. Click the Log On tab.

c. Enter the new Windows password in the Password field.

d. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field.

e. Click OK.

The dialog box closes and the password for the selected service is changed.

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