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QOS question


If i mark a packet at the ingress of my router to precedence of 5, assuming that i have 5 other routers connected to my router in a straight line connected back to back. Will they with default configuration give priority to this packet because of the precedence.

ALso, If i configure a priority Queue " prority" command in MQC will other traffic be allowed to use bandwidth from this class if they need more bandwidth. Basically, i mean, can the queue with the rest of the traffic "default-class" borrow some bandwidth from priority queue" if it needs it and priority queue has it.


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Re: QOS question

First question-the packet with IP Precedence of 5 will be passed through the routers behind the head router but it will not be given any priority unless you configure it to.

Second Question-default traffic can use Priority Queue bandwidth if it is available. However since the Priority Queue or LLQ is needed for low latency application the reverse is not true. If the traffic classed for the Priority Queue needs more bandwidth it must be done manually or you will drop packets.

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