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police cir 64000 bc 12000 be 24000 conform-action set-mpls-exp-imposition-t

ransmit 1 exceed-action drop violate-action drop

Actually am an ameture in QoS and we are having a Policy map setting as above

could you please clear what it is actually implies...???

I need to set a QoS for a 2 mb link in which 75 percent traffic should flow

for voice and remaining the default can u cleaar me how it is doing ???

Hope a positive result from your side




Re: QoS

the above config doing marking based on policer

and this kind of marking related to MPLS

r u useing MPLS??

if u want normal QOs for voip do the following

class-map voice

match ip dscp ef

policy-map policy1

class voice

priority percent 75

class class-defaul

bandwidth percent 25



then go to the interface if it going to the WAN

for example

interface serial 0/0

service-policy output policy1

and ignore the class u have

NOTE: if u see above on the voice class i have match based on dscp value (ef) which is the default Cisco layer three voice marking used by IP phones

so u can use ur matching based on ACL, or Other crateria

but the concept of the above class map and polcy map the same

good luck

please, if helpful Rate

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Re: QoS

Hello I followed this post and did the same on a CIsco 871 doing a VPN, making sip calls and accessing the inet for data. After applying the policy I get :

I/f FastEthernet4 class default-traffic requested bandwidth 25%, available only 0%

What does this exactly mean ?

What are the commands to see if the QoS is working right ? Thanks !

Re: QoS


this is working as expected

the thing is by defualt the interface reserve 25% of bandwidth fot routing, and so on

u can change this defualt dehaiver but not recomnded because if the interface got congested even ur cotrol and anagment traffic like rotuing will be droped

what ISO version u run ?

i think above 12.2 which run the the percent amount as absoulut


make the first class map as percent 50

and for class defualt dont give it amount

just make the command like

class class-default


good luck

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Re: QoS

Hi ! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

I'm using IOS 12.4

class-map match-all default-traffic

class-map match-all voice

match dscp ef



policy-map policy1

class voice

priority percent 75

class default-traffic

I can't introduce "fair-queue".

The list of commands I can introduce is :

Policy-map class configuration commands:

bandwidth Bandwidth

compression Activate Compression

drop Drop all packets

exit Exit from class action configuration mode

log Log IPv4 and ARP packets

netflow-sampler NetFlow action

no Negate or set default values of a command

police Police

priority Strict Scheduling Priority for this Class

queue-limit Queue Max Threshold for Tail Drop

random-detect Enable Random Early Detection as drop policy

service-policy Configure Flow Next

set Set QoS values

shape Traffic Shaping

Thank you

Super Bronze

Re: QoS

As Marwan described:

class class-default



class default-traffic

Syntax in this situation is important. "Class-default" supports features, on many platforms, not available in other named classes.

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