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questions regarding bbsm

I have some questions regarding the bbsm 5.3 appliance:

1) how well does it integrate with WCS (lwapp)? I dug thru the forums and saw a mention of a "null" switch in the bbsm configuration - can somebody please elaborate on this.

2) We will have guest users behind the bbsm nat using vpn clients connecting back to their home offices (which we have no knowledge or control of the remote networks) I understand that the bbsm will support ipsec passthru) has anyone experienced any issues with this?

I want to protect the bbsm server as the external nic will have a public address. are there any firewall recommendations> Other than ports 443,3389 & gt 1023, what ports need to be allowed thru an ACL on a screening router in front of the bbsm?

On the same subject, what about placing a PIX in front of the bbsm? nat mode or transparent mode?

Also, other than using load balancing hw, what level of redundancy is available for bbsm?


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