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rdp and printing over vpn site to site

Help! I have 2 877 routers connected using site to site vpn over adsl links. Everything seems to work fine (ping/telnet etc) except remote desktop will not establish a connection back to the main site and the 2003 Terminal server. There are no firewall issues etc and hopefully a clue for everyone is I can get 2 laptops to connect with rdp from the remote site but only if they have the cisco vpn client installed on them (other machine without vpn client doesn't connect).....something linked with DNE? MTU or MSS but do I have to make changes to both routers or only one?

Also HP 3800n printer at remote site will not work but I can ping it on the network and I can even http to the maintenance page it has and yes I can telnet to it on port 9100.

Thanks for your help - AG


Re: rdp and printing over vpn site to site

Ir really looks like MTU issue If you can ping but can't RDP it's because your traffic is larger than the MTU size permitted over the VPN...

On inside interfaces of both routers (LAN interface) enter:

ip tcp adjust-mss 1300


Hope that helps rate if it does

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Re: rdp and printing over vpn site to site

Arrgh!! Thanks for the help - I did think that was the problem but now I've changed the mss to 1300 on both routers, the rdp has stopped working completely (with and without the vpn client installed) Printer does seem to work now though!!

Testing tunnel still comes back with add "crypto ipsec df-bit clear" to vpn interface but I have added this to both routers.......

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Re: rdp and printing over vpn site to site

Sorry, ignore last message. RDP was blocked by a rogue NAT rule setup ages ago. Strange the df-bit message still appears but conections are working.

Thanks for help - adjust-mss fixed the problem - AG

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