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req: config for auto-vpn-login

IOS = C2600-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(23)

I have a 2651XM router configured as a vpn client, it connects to another 2651XM router which is config'd as the vpn server. The vpn server end works fine.

I want the client connection to be fully auto, with no intervention from myself but I can't work out the commands. At the moment I have to manually connect every time the vpn client router reloads, and on every reload the cli says:

Press RETURN to get started!

EZVPN(SDM_EZVPN_CLIENT_1): *** Logic Error ***



EZVPN(SDM_EZVPN_CLIENT_1): Resetting the EZVPN state machine to recover


I don't know what the above means.

from what I can gather the client machine is actually connecting to the server because it gets an ip address but there's no tunnel.

I don't know the cli commands to connect the tunnel so I use SDM, which I have to open, and then to connect the first thing it asks for is my SSH usernamre and password, which I enter, and then it asks for the username and password to login in to the server, which I enter and then it connects.

How can I make the client router login on auto?

Attached is the running config of my vpn client machine.

thanks for any help.


Re: req: config for auto-vpn-login

Use the "savepwd" command to turn on the save password option on the

server. For example:

crypto isakmp client configuration group ezvpn


If the client wants to use the Easy VPN userID and password save

option, the server has to allow the save password option. In your case

the server has not been configured to allow the save password option and

hence the tunnel will not be established until the easy VPN userID and

passowrd are removed from the client router.

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Re: req: config for auto-vpn-login

thanks for your reply smalkeric and sorry for my delay in responding. My vpn server setup has been down for a while and I'm going to try your config command once I've got my vpn server up and running again.

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