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Reverse Proxy and 3005 Concentrator

I have a 3005 behind a Fortigate firewall. SSL and IPSec connections are routed to the 3005 which then routes to the internal network. The IPSec VPNs work with no problems. However, I can't get the SSL web connections to properly reverse proxy some of my resources. For example, I setup a URL on the Servers and URLs page to point to http://mypcname/tsweb which should intitiate a web based Remote Desktop connection to my computer. I get the initial RD Web page to load that indicates I have a connection to my pc but when I press Connect I get a simple "Error on Page" with no other clues as to the problem. If I do this from within my lan the RD Web connection works just fine. Another problem that has surfaced is that the 3005 won't properly reverse proxy Exchange Server 2007 OWA. I can connect to OWA through the 3005 but get nothing but popup errors when trying to access anything.

I haven't had a contract with Cisco so the firmware/OS is all original from many years ago. Is there a way to know if these problems have been resolved? I'm looking at buying another device but would like to fix this one if it's fixable. I hate the idea of paying the money for a contract only to find there's no fix and I've wasted the money. TIA

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