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RV042 VPN disconnect, disconnects other PPTP VPN connections.


My company uses PPTP VPN connections to perform various functions and we were hoping to utilize the VPN functionality in our new RT042 router.

I noticed that whenever somebody logs in remotely using the QuickVPN client, they are able to RDP and ping specific IP addresses, but there was no Domain Name Resolution. When they disconnected/exited/rebooted, all computers attached to the RV042 locally lost their PPTP connections and would have to re-dial.

I then tried the same computers and set-up, but used the PPTP server on the RV042 router instead of the VPN Client Access. That seemed to work just as well. Able to RDP and ping, without Name Resolution. After logging in and disconnecting 3 times, the main PPTP VPN connection we used would not reconnect at all on all but one of the local machines (1/20). The remote user was able to connect to that PPTP VPN connection just fine. All others would get Error 721.

I tried resetting the settings on the RV042 router, then using System Management->Setting Backup to return the settings to a known good state. I tried power cycling the router for a minute. I tried opening ports in the firewall, and disabling the firewall to get the VPN connection back.

Eventually I looked at the system log, tried to add more logging, reproduce the issue and see what logs would be generated. When I hit save settings to add additional logging, the router stopped responding and all VPN connections failed and would report Error 800. After a minute or two, all VPN connections started working as well as they had before I tried utilizing the RV042's VPN options.

I want to know what happened, and why Remote Users logging into our router and disconnecting effect our VPN connections so much.

I would also like to know if there is a way for our router to connect to our PPTP VPN connection, so we don't have to on all of our local machines anymore.

Thanks for any info.

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