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Second Internet Provider Question

Hi guys,

I hope you can help me with this question.

I have a provider router connecting to my ASA, this also connects to the Internet and provides access for remote users to dial in. The provider router allows us to configure a 'LAN' IP address which corresponds to our internal addressing scheme and a WAN/Public IP address. The NAT is configured on the provider router. The outside interface on the ASA is configured with a private IP Address in the same subnet as the provider LAN IP address.

This works and is sufficient for the majority of our users however we have a subset of users with additional requirements for which a new DSL line has been installed and I would like these users (and only these users) to dial in via the new interface.

I have configured the interface as ouside_bonded and created an ssl vpn portal to distribute to these users pointing to the new Internet router (please see attached config). The new router can do no Nat'ing so I have had to give the new interface a Public IP Address and added a static route pointing to the new router.

Config has been edited for brevity but please let me know if I you need a full config.

What else do I need to do?

Do I need to create a new VPN pool, do I need to have an additional global command, any NAT statements required? Please advise and be as specific as you possibly can.

Have a lovely Christmas.



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