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Several peers connecting to single interface

I wonder if anyone can help me please. I am setting up vpn tunnels between my site and 3 other sites (there is no connectivity required between these 3 sites).

I am using a Cisco 7301 as my endpoint and have a single IP address that all three sites have to use as their peer address.

Please help with the configuration of this, I am told it is possible to configure this but would like some assistance, any sample configs or pointers in the right direction will be gratefully received.




Re: Several peers connecting to single interface

Hi Martha,

Here is a sample config for a lan to lan between 2 routers each will only have a single peer, not quite what you are looking for I know. The keypoint is that the only thing to do is to create new crypto maps, with it's interesting traffic and new isakmp keys

What I mean is that you configure a single tunnel, then you go ahead and copy that into a notepad to adjust this settings to the new peers (peer address, interesting traffic match address, transform set) and use the same crypto map name with a different sequence number. This will allow you to add multiple tunnels to a single router.

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Re: Several peers connecting to single interface

Thanks for your response.

I will look at the link and try to create my own config from it. I just wanted to make sure it was possible to do this with no adverse effects.


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