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New Member

Snmp/bgp traps


Is there anyway of limiting the type of traps to be sent to a particular SNMP management station? When I enable snmp-server enable trap ds1 e.g., I would only like that type of trap to go to SNMP Server A and not SNMP Server B. Can't think of any way myself?




Re: Snmp/bgp traps

Have you had a look at SNMP views?

Also you can do per-host snmp traps also

snmp-server host traps ABCD



New Member

Re: Snmp/bgp traps

Yes, I can see that snmp-server host etc., would be an option but I just want to pass on linkup/linkdown traps. This doesn't seem to be possible using the syntax above.

Will I have to create an snmp view if I just want linkup/linkdown traps?

Re: Snmp/bgp traps

No 'views' really don't solve the trap issue AFAIK, they are for polling. But why cant you achieve your requirement using snmp-server host ..... command?



New Member

Re: Snmp/bgp traps

Hi Farrukh

When I type the command snmp-server host traps snmp ? , I get the traps below but not linkup linkdown. The router is running flash:c2800nm-entservicesk9-mz.124-7a.bin. Output of what I see below.

Router_A#(config)#snmp-server host traps snmp ?

atm Allow SNMP atm traps

bgp Allow BGP state change traps

bstun Allow bstun event traps

bulkstat Allow Data-Collection-MIB traps

cnpd Allow NBAR Protocol Discovery traps

config Allow SNMP config traps

config-copy Allow SNMP config-copy traps

cpu Allow cpu related traps

dlsw Allow dlsw traps

dnis Allow SNMP DNIS traps

ds0-busyout Allow ds0-busyout traps

ds1 Allow SNMP ds1 traps

ds1-loopback Allow ds1-loopback traps

ds3 Allow SNMP ds3 traps

dsp Allow SNMP DSP traps

dspu Allow dspu event traps

eigrp Allow SNMP EIGRP traps

entity Allow SNMP entity traps

envmon Allow environmental monitor traps

event-manager Allow SNMP Embedded Event Manager traps

flash Allow SNMP FLASH traps

frame-relay Allow SNMP frame-relay traps

hsrp Allow SNMP HSRP traps

icsudsu Allow SNMP ICSUDSU traps

ipmobile Allow SNMP ipmobile traps

ipmulticast Allow SNMP ipmulticast traps

isdn Allow SNMP ISDN traps

l2tun-session Allow SNMP L2 tunnel protocol traps

mpls-ldp Allow SNMP MPLS label distribution protocol traps

mpls-traffic-eng Allow SNMP MPLS traffic engineering traps

mpls-vpn Allow SNMP MPLS Virtual Private Network traps

msdp Allow SNMP MSDP traps

mvpn Allow Multicast Virtual Private Network traps

ospf Allow OSPF traps

pim Allow SNMP PIM traps

rsrb Allow rsrb event traps

rsvp Allow RSVP flow change traps

rtr Allow SNMP Response Time Reporter traps

sdlc Allow sdlc event traps

sdllc Allow sdllc event traps

snmp Allow SNMP-type notifications

stun Allow stun event traps

syslog Allow SNMP syslog traps

tty Allow TCP connection traps

udp-port The notification host's UDP port number

voice Allow SNMP Voice traps

vrrp Allow SNMP vrrp traps

vsimaster Allow SNMP vsimaster traps

vtp Allow SNMP VTP traps

x25 Allow x25 event traps

xgcp Allow XGCP protocol traps

Any ideas?



Re: Snmp/bgp traps

Try this:

snmp-server host traps snmp linkdown.

Have a look at this link



New Member

Re: Snmp/bgp traps


The command above is not accepted but snmp-server host traps linkdown is .....weird but now have to test and see if it actually works. Crossed fingers it works, if it does, I'll get back


Cisco Employee

Snmp/bgp traps

It should be :

snmp-server host x.x.x.x public snmp.

These all, linkup/linkdown etc are snmp related traps and when you enter the command with no keywords, all notification types are enabled. When you enter the command with a keyword, only the types of notifications related to that keyword are enabled.

-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **