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SNMP Management of individual VPN Tunnels

Is there a way of indexing individual VPN Tunnels statically, through a VPN3000 concentrator?

If I MIB browse a VPN3000 concentrator, I can see the individual VPN tunnels each with ifindex numbers, so for the period this tunnel is active, I can collect performance statistics from it. The problem occurs when the connection from the same site is reset, the ifindex is renumbered which means I have to relearn the new ifindex in order to continue collecting information.

Is there a way around this, or is there another solution for getting traffic statistics from VPN tunnels between sites, via SNMP?

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Re: SNMP Management of individual VPN Tunnels

Since the if numbers change the best way to get your stats would be from the routers behind the vpn on either side. Then you can turn on ip accounting or use netflow on the routers. There is a free netflow collector @ I think this approach will work if you.

Hope this helps.

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Re: SNMP Management of individual VPN Tunnels

Another solution that is similar to the previous post would be to analyze the traffic using a sniffer capture.

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