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SNMP Support on 2611XM Question


I have configured the same SNMP support on 2 c2611XM, named c2611A and c2511B:

snmp-server community abc123

But i can query SNMP on c2611A , but not for the c2611B.

I am not sure why ...?

When I do show running-configuration, there is a difference between 2 C2611:

on c2611A, there is command "boot system flash c2600-jk9s-mz.123-9.bin" , and this command was not executed on the c2611B. Is this the reason why? If not, where should I look to resolve this probem?

Another question ...

I want to configure 3 NMS servers with (Read-Only) access to the 2611XM and another 2 NMS servers with full access (Read-Write) ... all NMSs have the same community string (both Read-Only and Read-Write). How can I configure this purpose?

I did try:

access-list 1

access-list 2

access-list 3

access-list 4

access-list 5

snmp-server community xxx

snmp-server community xxx

==> when I run "show running-configuration" ==>it only shows:

snmp-server community ABC123 2 RO

and snmp-server community ABC123 2 RO no longer existed.

Any suggestion/help?


T Dang

Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP Support on 2611XM Question

The boot system command wouldn't impact your ability to poll the system via snmp. You would want to look at snmp community strings, access-lists, snmp views, and network connectivity to the device.

One thing I notice in you conig above is that there is an ACL 2 applied to the community string, but no ACL 2....this would block any device from querying this comm string.

Also, not sure if its a typo or not, but your community string commands are invalid...the ACL # should be after the RO keyword.

debug snmp packet would be useful to see if your queries are hitting the device or not. Packet capture on the NMS end is also useful

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