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SSL VPN - customization portal

How can I add a CIFS page to the SSL web page? When the user logs in it should display the bookmark.


Re: SSL VPN - customization portal

The portal page enables the remote user access to all resources available on the SSL VPN networks. For example, the portal page could provide a link to allow the remote user to download and install a thin-client Java applet (for TCP port forwarding) or a tunneling client. Only the websites that appear as links on the portal page are available to users.

This procedure describes how to define the appearance of the portal page. You can select among the predefined themes listed, and obtain a preview of the portal page as it would appear if that theme were used.

Before You Begin

In Device view (View > Device View), make sure the selected device is an Cisco IOS router.

Procedure :

Step 1 Open the Portal Page Customization page by clicking Next on the Gateway and Context page, of the SSL VPN wizard. For a description of the elements on the Portal Page Customization page, see the below URL:

Step 2 Customize the appearance of the portal page, by specifying:

•The title and logo to be displayed in the title bar of the login and portal page.

•A message that will be displayed to the user upon login.

•The colors of the primary and secondary title bars on the login and portal pages of the SSL VPN.

•The colors of the text on the primary and secondary title bars of the login and portal pages.

A preview of the portal page is displayed.

Step 3 When you have completed customizing the portal page, click Finish to close the wizard.

The SSL VPN connection you have defined in the wizard is displayed in the SSL VPN Policy page. If required, you can modify this connection from the SSL VPN folder.

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