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SSL VPN Login Error Message

Periodically, I have received reports that SSL VPN users receive the following message and are unable to login:

" Logout


For your own security, please:

clear the browser's cache

Delete any downloaded files

Close the browser's window "

The software versions used are shown below.

Show Flash output on the ASA firewall

galleria2-lab-fw-gw# sh flash

--#-- --length-- -----date/time------ path

63 14635008 Jun 26 2008 09:48:02 asa803-k8.bin

6 8192 Aug 14 2007 06:13:50 crypto_archive

64 7295568 Jun 26 2008 09:50:16 asdm-611.bin

2 8192 Jun 26 2008 09:52:20 log

66 2153344 Aug 15 2008 10:19:06 anyconnect-win-2.2.0136-k9.pkg

255426560 bytes total (230891520 bytes free)

Can anyone provide some recommendations for troubleshooting this problem?


Re: SSL VPN Login Error Message

You may want to start with this link.

Since you said periodically does that means same ssl clients can successfully connect some days and cannont connect other days? I would try looking at ASDM logs specifically stick with a webvpn user that cannot connect and see the logs..

Also ensure you are not going over your SSL vpn licensing limits just to rule this out, but it sounds more of a client browser issue, in any case start narrowing down by using above link.


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