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Terminal sessions dropped

A customer has the following conf.

Two sites connected with a VPN through internet .

On site A there's a Win2k Server with terminal services. Users on Site B connect via RDP but after 10minutes ( even working ) the session is disconnected.

Between the two sites a tunnel has also been defined to manage a ISDN dialup backup line .

Anyone has any idea ?


New Member

Re: Terminal sessions dropped

I run terminal services connections through VPN tunnels daily without encountering this problem.

Couple of questions:

1) How do your sites access the internet (T1/FT1, DSL, dialup, etc.) and what equipment is being used for the internet connections as well as the VPN tunneling?

2) Is the ISDN circuit configured to connect on tunnel failure or the opposite (tunnel up on ISDN failure)?

New Member

Re: Terminal sessions dropped

try scaling down the mtu size on the client

use the VPN client > Set MTU option

or do it in the registry

if you can still browse web pages on the internal network even after the TermServer has kicked you off, then the mtu may be the culprit. try setting it to a lower value. Also try setting the RDP Properties for the connection down to 56K (play with these settings first, they may make the difference). Terminal Sessions use bigger packets than HTTP Request and Response traffic.

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