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Tunnel to tunnel routing

I need a recommendation on the appropriate routers to use. I have a central/remote office arrangement. The central office uses the ip range of 192.168.16.x/24, remote office A uses 192.168.0.x/24, and remote office B uses 192.168.1.x/24. I want the two remote office to be connected to the central office using broadband VPN routers. One criteria is the remote offices need to be able to communication with each other through the central office router. So the central office router needs to be able to route traffic from one tunnel to the other. Any hardware suggestions would be much appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Tunnel to tunnel routing

Difficult to say without knowing how much traffic you're going to be pumping through, and how many branches you're eventually going to have.

If traffic will be minimal or even average, you could get away with 1700's (with VPN modules) at each branch and say, a 2600/3600 (again with VPN modules) at the central office.

If traffic is going to be huge, probably go with something like 2600/3600's at the branch and a 7200VXR at the central site.

You'd be best to call your local Cisco sales office and have an SE come and visit and scope out exactly what you're trying to do, they'll come up with a recommendation for you.

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