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Unable to manage ASA from Prime


When I try to connect to my ASA via Prime, I have this message: 

SSH session from ABCD on user interface xxxxxx "xxxxxx" disconnected by SSH server, reason: "Internal error" (0x00) 


When I connect directly, it works. 


My two ASA are ASA5515 ASA version 9.1 (5) and ASA5512 Version 9.1 (3). Prime is version 4.1. 


Who can help me?



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Hi, if you check

Hi, if you check "reachability status" you should get a "success" for snmp and ssh, try this.




Hi,Thanks for your reply. Can


Thanks for your reply.


Can you tell me where is this parameter and if it is changed in Cisco Prime or LMS Prime Infra?



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hello, go to "inventory" -->


go to "inventory" --> "DeviceCenter" --> enter management host or ip address and press "view". you should get a quick overview of your device, in the right part of the screen you should see "reachabilty status", beneath you have a button "test now", after pressing it you should get status on reachability of your device after a while (could take a few minutes).



Hi,Here the result:- Prime


Here the result:

- Prime Infra :
    - "device not supported" for 5515
    - "Partial failure : unexcepted error" for 5505
- Prime LMS:
    - Still KO for 5515
    - OK for 5505


So we always sum to the starting point, namely that no two products Cisco admin (whether or Infra LMS) does not support the FW 5515 and 5512. Prime Infra And even less than Prime LMS because I don 'not even have the conf or basic info on a 5505 ASA Prime Infra.


Can you still help me ? :)

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hello,sorry but i did not get


sorry but i did not get the sense of your last sentence!

what is supported in the latest prime version can you find here:


But be aware of that, not each device is supported in each application of prime, eg makes no sense to support ASA in the LAN part of prime, LMS (ASA does not support vtp and vlan), but it should be supported in the resource part, RME, config and change management should be ok.

Just to see details about device support in your environment, go to "admin" --> "software center", in the row "device type count" you can see a number for each application, click on the number, eg "inventory config and image management", then you will see a detailed list of device supported in your current installed prime application depending on the version.

As far as i can see all asa´s should be supported in the config part!

Which version you are on?

hope that helps a little, regards


Hi again,Problem is

Hi again,

Problem is identified. I get in fact the next page (lol.png) by clicking on the number in question (and the same on all other numbers).

I'll restart the server.


I'll be back soon.


HI, After reboot, the result



After reboot, the result is still the same.


Do you have an idea ?


Thanks for your time.



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hi,the problem looks like a


the problem looks like a overloaded server or missing updates.

have you checked updates on cco?

regards, thomas

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Some people have reported

Some people have reported problems between PI and ASAs for a couple of reasons.

Please check if either of the following may apply to your situation:

1. DH group issue.

2. SNMP packet size issue.

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