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VPN client 401+ - Windows Issues

"The necessary VPN sub-system is not available. You can not connect to the remote VPN server".

I get this message in SEVERAL machines after stopping and trying to start the client and many times when u try to start it from a clean reboot.

I found all the caveats for this error, and they all say:

"Something has caused the VPN client service not to load".

Ok, so how do you fix it?? so u don't have to restart the service manually.

This is a BIG installation (university campus), and is causing frustration at all levels. It did not happen with the older client (3.6.3). Any help..



Re: VPN client 401+ - Windows Issues

The error message indicates that the VPN client software didn't install properly. You will need to manually uninstall it then reinstall the VPN client software again.

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Re: VPN client 401+ - Windows Issues

Actually, I have seen several (this is a University Campus) machines with the same issue. The problem is random, and does not occur all the time. I uninstalled and re-installed many times. The VPN client does work, but once in a while u get this message. Seems that u need to wait about a minute after the computer reboots for all the services to start, if not, u get that message when u try to use the VPN client. I am not using "Start before Logon", so is not a fallback issue.


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Re: VPN client 401+ - Windows Issues

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