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VPN Client and Terminal Server

We have several clients that allow us to vpn into their systems and it has come to the point that we are getting software incompatabilities. What I am trying to do is set up "compatable" connections on a Terminal server box and let our people access this from their workstations. The problem is when the acuall connection thru the vpn client is made they loose connection to the terminal server. I have tried putting in 2 nic's into the terminal server and am able to allocate one for the terminal server but can not find a way to allocate the other to the VPN CLient. Is this possable or is there another way to accomplish this?


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Re: VPN Client and Terminal Server

What I have understood is that you have a dial up connection to TS and that you are having problems securing the connection. For more information on configuring an L2TP tunnel in a dial environment, you could refer to the following documents:

1) Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol


2) Configuring L2TP Client Inititiated Tunnelling with Windows 2000 PC

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Re: VPN Client and Terminal Server


What I have is one machine with 2 nic's

NIC #1 = Terminal Server Access (local lan only) Locked in via registry settings to use ONLY this NIC

NIC #2 = I would like to "LOCK" the Client software to use ONLY this nic (has a dynamic IP for local lan and access to the Inet via a router.

Problem: When you connect to the T-Server all is fine UNTIL you start up the client software to access our clients systems via the web connection to the T-Server on the local side stops and gives the appearance of a frozen screen.

manualy disconnect person from the T-Server and kill the cisco client software then you can re-connect to the T-Server (and it all starts over again)

The Cisco software acualy makes the connection to our clients system but we can not tell because it want BOTH the NIC's for itself and stops access via NIC#1 to the T-Server.

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