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VPN Client - Assigned wrong netmask?

I am having problems with a VPN setup that has previously been working. The VPN Client connects OK (V4.6.04.0043) however, if I check the IP address & mask assigned by the router I see :-

IP Address :

Subnet Mask :

Gateway :

DNS Servers :

If I try and ping anything on the LAN I get no response. I can ping my own IP.

Using the same client I can connect sucessfully to several other VPN gateways - all of these give me what I would expect to be the correct mask of

Can anyone shed any light on this?

IOS on the non-working setup is - 12.2(11)T6



Re: VPN Client - Assigned wrong netmask?

it's normal. when the router assigns ip address from the pre-configured pool, it determines the mask according to the class of ip. with your case the mask will be as the ip is 172.x.x.x. if the pool is 10.x.x.x then the mask will be

it will work except the pc itself has another route to 172. to verify, do a route print on the pc.

a way to verify the issue is to connect the vpn via a dialup connection. in that case you will be able to identify whether the issue is with the pc, vpn software, or the router config


Re: VPN Client - Assigned wrong netmask?

just wondering how you go

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