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New Member

VPN client update issue

I recently downloaded the 3.6 client software and made it possible for the clients to download this software, but even when they installed this new software and connect to the VPN a notification pop-up occurs from the administrator pointing to the new softxware.

Why is this message shown every time a client connects, even when the software is installed ?

Is there a way to keep the software available for other users but to hide the message when the installation is done for other users ?

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN client update issue


Here is the way things should work, lets say your clients are running 3.5.x

currently, and you want them to upgrade to 3.6 your revisions statement will

need to include : 3.6 (Rel), not just 3.6, if you go to help and about in

the client, you will not see 3.6, you will see 3.6 (Rel).

Since you are putting in 3.6, it does not match, and any client that

connects to the concentrator that does not match exactly, will be prompted

to upgrade (or downgrade).

Look into this and let me know.




New Member

Re: VPN client update issue

Thank you, I placed indeed only 3.6 in the revision statement.

I will change and test it again.


New Member

Re: VPN client update issue

I'm working on upgrading our clients from 3.5.3 to 3.6.2b.

I go to configuration-system-client update-entries

client type=windows


Revisions=3.6 (Rel).

Client is XP, and it can ping through the tunnel.

When the I click on the "launch" button I get a "this page cannot be displayed"

I must mentioned that I created my own customized package using installshield and modified it to have our company logo as well as 4 default connections included. the file name now is vpnclient.exe. I have that file inside a share called vpn on the server.

Is there any special configuration that has to be done on the server where the updated client is?

on the URL entri, I tried different paths, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you.

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