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VPN Connection Dropping ALL THE TIME!!!

I have a PIX 515 and many many VPN clients spread across. They connect using VPN 3.1 and above clients (depending on which OS they have). They all have cable modems and none have been having trouble...UNTIL THIS ONE.

She is consistently having trouble and I can't figure it out. She had her cable installed and she was working fine for about 2 months. Then her cable went out for about 2 days and ever since, she has had trouble. She will connect to us using the VPN client and after about an hour, she will have her VPN connection terminated. When she is connected to us, she telnets to a UNIX box we have. Sometimes just her telnet screen disappears and she can get another telnet screen but most of the time just the whole VPN connection is terminated.

So I called the cable company thinking that something was wrong with the cable. They tested the line and replaced her cable modem. Even when her VPN connection is terminated, she still can browse on the web and ping on the Internet. And she can reconnect with NO trouble, but once connected she seems to get disconnected all the time.

Is there something more I need to ask the cable company to check? Could it be something in the TCP/IP stack that they are blocking or something wacky that I can change on our side? Another thing...I switched out her PC with one that I have personally tested and it worked fine with me on my cable modem, but with her, it terminates all the time. I am at a complete loss at what it could be. ANY ANY thoughts are gladly welcomed.

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Re: VPN Connection Dropping ALL THE TIME!!!

Already answered in the two other VPN forums. Please refrain from submitting the same post to multiple forums. Thanks.

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