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VPN Kills Local SQL Server Connection

I have a local SQL 2005 database that I connect to via an ODBC connection. Lately I have noticed that once I connect to a Remote database via my VPN Client the connection to my local SQL database is lost, and stays lost until I reboot my system.

I am using VPN Client and Window Vista.

Any suggestions for fixes will be apreciated.


Re: VPN Kills Local SQL Server Connection

Your vpn is most likely set up not to "allow local lan". Therefore, when you connect to the vpn, you lose access to local resources.

New Member

Re: VPN Kills Local SQL Server Connection

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately that isn't the answer. The check mark isn't checked. also, that wouldn't account for it not allowing me back in when i close the vpn connection either.

I think it may be some sort of service that gets disabled but I haven't located it.

I have also had problems where I try to disconnect from the VPN and it won't respond, thus forcing me to restart my computer.

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Re: VPN Kills Local SQL Server Connection

acomiskey is correct.Your VPN setting is missing split-tunneling. One way to verify is to run "netstat -rn" before and after enabling the vpn client. I suspect that your original internal routes will no longer be present in your PC's routing table and default gateway will derived from the VPN tunnel parameters.

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Re: VPN Kills Local SQL Server Connection


Split tunneling is not able for your remote access VPN.

If split tunneling is not allowed you will not be able to access your LAN network.

what is your VPN server ? commands for Split tunneling will be different according to the VPN serverv( PIX, IPSEC Module, Router etc) but idea behind is same for all it works with access-list .

What ever defined in that split tunneling access-list will be encrytped rest of all traffic will be treated as normal and will be not traverse through tunnel



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