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vpn with single ip in local pool


I having a problem.

I am using an single ip address in the local pool.

The first connection is asstablished.

But when i disconnect and the reconnect, i get the error"no ip address is assigned".

When i look at the vpn router the only address in the local pool is still assigned but there is no ipsec connection any more.

Is there a way to free the local pool ip adres when the vpn connection is terminated.

Ofcourse i can use an larger local pool. but i don't want that.



Re: vpn with single ip in local pool

I am sure it is not possible to allocate the same IP address to the same client when you have a single pool defined. As a workaround You have to do following Steps

(1) define several pool for the vpn client, each pool must contain 1 unique IP address

(2) define multiple vpn groups, depending on the number of vpn pools you created

(3) map each pool to each corresponding vpngroup.

(4) configure each vpn client to connect using their own group

(5) test the vpn client connections, each client should have different IP addresses obtained from the PIX

I hope this helps.

New Member

Re: vpn with single ip in local pool


I allready done that.

That's where the problem came up.

Becouse i map several different clients to different maps i don't want to use to many ip addresses.

When i use a single ip map the ip address stayes allocated for the client. even when he is disconnected.

When the client reconnect there is no ip address to give away.

The client gives an error "no ip address assigned by the remote peer".


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