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VRRP Issues

Hi folks,

I recently started working in a place where the network was a mess and I want to make some changes for a best performance and management. We have 2 800 series running ADSL where I want to configure VPN tunnels (GRE) pointing to our remote site. I want to add local Internet and VPN failover making 2 groups, but I was examining the IOS and It doesn't support HSRP. As It doesn't support it I decided to check with VRRP, but the trouble that I have now is that the IOS doesn't not support tracking of the interfaces. I've done some upgrades to the IOS to the most recent versions, but still the same issue. I can make the VRRP groups with no troubles but the track command in global configuration mode doesn't appear.

I have to emphasize that we have a server behind the two routers (it is an IPTABLES in Debian) for filtering for the local network behind the server. In the Server I want to make 2 statics routes pointing to the VRRP IPs; 1 pointing to the network in the remote site and other (the default) pointing to internet. I want that the routers be able to back up each other, and I know that I can do it with VRRP or HSRP.

I have never worked with this kind of routers before and that is why I want to know if there is any c800 IOS that support HSRP or VRRP for tracking the wan interfaces in case of a failure.



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