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webVPN problems


At my institution there are two CVPN 3000 systems. One is used for VPN connections and the other for WebVPN sessions. We're doing this because the WebVPN service sometimes hangs without a valid reason and stops responding to pings or session attempts. So we decided to separate the two services.

It's the 3rd time this year that our WebVPN cvpn hangs. But this time we've managed to gather some logs. These are some lines:


16278 05/18/2009 22:30:26.150 SEV=2 HTTP/21 RPT=69 a.b.c.d

HTTP 500 No Resources

16305 05/18/2009 22:30:57.840 SEV=4 HTTP/50 RPT=6264 a.b.c.d

HTTP 404 Not Found (/scidirimg/sci_dir/navbar_select.gif)

16335 05/18/2009 22:32:48.900 SEV=5 SMTP/17 RPT=55

SMTP Greeting Error:

16584 05/18/2009 22:39:39.220 SEV=4 HTTP/37 RPT=663

Closing socket 5 for invalid connection 0xE57354C.


I've discovered some warnings too:

SEV=3 CAPI/1 RPT=2 CAPI - Error!!!, HW Crypto Command 0x1c to SEP Slot #2 failed with status 0x9


After these errors, only a reboot solved the problem.

Some details of our CVPN:

VPN Concentrator Type: 3060

Bootcode Rev: Cisco Systems, Inc./VPN 3000 Concentrator Series Version 4.0.Rel Mar 25 2003 15:45:12

Software Rev: Cisco Systems, Inc./VPN 3000 Concentrator Version 4.7.2.P Jul 30 2008 15:10:24

RAM Size: 384 MB (Memory Status: Green)

The problem appeared before the upgrade to version 4.7.2.P and continued to appear afterwards.

If someone could help it would be appreciated.



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