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What are the Syslog Invalid Messages

Hi All,

We installed CW2000 VMS 2.1 and set our PIX's & 3000's to log their syslog messager to the CW2000 server. We see about 1000 invalid messages a day and we are wondering what are they and how can we see these invalid messages???



Re: What are the Syslog Invalid Messages

Invalid messages are messages that the RME didn't understand. The list includes messages from non-Cisco devices, a device not supported or a device not recognised. CW2000 syslog will collect whatever is getting sent to it. This information is put in the /CSCOpx/log/syslog.log file. All information that goes here is visible as reports unless filters are set. You could try looking for invalid messages here. 1000 Invalid messages a day do seem to be on the higher side. Check to see if all messages are coming form one device or a subset of devices. If that is indeed the case, check to see if the device/s have been added to the RME.

For list of supported devices see

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Re: What are the Syslog Invalid Messages

If you have the vms software installed and the rme software on the same ciscoworks server, there is a bug. The rme and the vms both have syslog servers and they cannot coexist on the same CW server, unless you setup the rme syslog server to receive syslog messages via a syslog proxy server.

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