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What precise requirements must certificates meet for small business router?

I have just purchased a RV180W small business VPN router and successfully
set it up as a router and site-to-site VPN gateway.

Very pleased with progress thus far I then attempted to export and self-sign a
certificate request carefully following steps in the administration guide.

On uploading the certificate produced (by Windows (8) makecert.exe) the
message "No trusted certificate found. Can't upload self certificate." is displayed.
I had no success despite numerous repetitions with several alternative settings
in the CSR.

Brevity of the instructions suggest it should be straightforward and flexible
enough to meet a wide range of certificate formats. There is no reference to
any specification.

Clearly this is not the case! Hence my question: What requirements must a
certificate (file) meet if it is to be successfully uploaded to a Cisco Small
Business Router?

Can I restate an appeal I make to every hardware and software producer I
have the misfortune of having to deal with: Please do not publish instructions
and guides that merely state the blindlingly obvious (e.g. Enter your name
in the box labeled name) and omit all details that actually are important
and relevant (e.g. Make sure that the name you enter is the same as that you
entered as the device owner or any other condition required by the software
that the user cannot be aware of and prevent something from working if not

David Aspinall

Exertive Systems

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