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Where to ask questions about issues with VPN client install


I have some issues with a VPN client install that are not addressed in the FAQs or documentation. Is this a suitable place to ask questions related to this?



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Re: Where to ask questions about issues with VPN client install


This is an ok place to ask about a VPN client install. What is your question?



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Re: Where to ask questions about issues with VPN client install

Thanks Rick,

(I am on XP SP3.)

I had a well functioning VPN client installation ( Then last week I experienced some minor connection problems and my company advised me to install a later version of the client (

I started running the installer (the files from the self-extractor unzipped and vpnclient_setup.exe started running) but then it occured to me that I should probably disable my Symantec Endpoint antivirus so I canceled the install and disabled the antivirus.

When I ran the installer again the client didn't get installed -- the installer icon appeared momentarily in the Task Bar (for about 10 seconds) and there was some flashing on the screen (it looked like a cmd window quickly appeared and disappeared but it was too quick to tell for sure). But then...nothing. (I waited about 10 minutes in case it was ordinarily slow.) Task Manager showed Instal~1.exe running, but there was no GUI and no running program showed up using ALT TAB.

So, I figured I had a corrupt install and that my best bet would be uninstalling and then reinstalling.

So, I went to Add/Remove Programs but the app was not listed.

So, I looked for an uninstall exe in the Program Files\Cisco folder but there was none.

So, I searched the internet and found instructions for manually uninstalling from this Cisco web page:

However, these instructions didnt work either.

So, I tried deleting all temporary files on my machine but that didn't work.

Then I tried deleting the Local Area Connection for Cisco in my network connections and repeated the manual uninstall process, but that didnt work.

Then I came across this web page regarding DNE...

...and followed the steps they give there to run first winfix.exe and then dneupdate.msi to reinstall DNE.

However, that didn't work either.

So, then I decided to search my registry for all occurrences of "Cisco" and delete the keys.

That didn't work either. In fact, after this I lost my network connection completely (which may have been due to the registry edits or something else) and had to rerun winfix and deneupdate to get it back (after first trying to restore Last Known Good Configuration, which did not work).

Not sure what to try next (besides a triple vodka).



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Re: Where to ask questions about issues with VPN client install

Actually, I left out some information:

After not seeing the application in Add/Remove programs I first installed and ran the MS Cleanup Utility but the Cisco install was not listed so I could not remove it that way. So, as Cisco's instructions for removing an MSI did not work in this situation I then tried the manual removal instructions.

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