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Wireless IPSEC GRE tunnels drop out

We have five failover sites that are connected to the main site via the Internet. They are configured with IPSEC and a gre tunnel for end-to-end connectivity to the remote site.

Two of the sites have wireless DSL at the remote end and they will not stay up consistantly. They continue to flap, one of the wireless sites is worse that the other. Both are provided by the same company.

All five sites are configured exactly the same. The three sites with wired DSL I have no problems with.

There is no pattern to it, they just drop out, sometimes I can ping the Internet facing address from the main site and other times I cannot. They can be up for days at a time and then go down for several minutes, then come back up.

They will go through spurts of several days of up and down, then several days of nothing.

Any thoughts out there?

There are no errors, nothing points to what the issue could be, I have had the company out to the remote site several times and they say they cannot find anything.


Re: Wireless IPSEC GRE tunnels drop out

The association can flap if there is Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

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Re: Wireless IPSEC GRE tunnels drop out

Thanks for the reply,

I was unable to get the page you linked,

I was wondering about interference because there are wireless access points in the same building, but not in close proximity.

I have had the provider out there several times and they see no problem when they are there.

Is there some way I can check this?

The router just has an ethernet connection to the providers wireless modem.

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