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WRT54GS VPN Connection Issues: Error code 87

Hello experts,

I have unsuccessfully tried to help my wife connect her Windows XP laptop to her work VPN over our home wi-fi network. I have a WRT54GS v.4 router with the latest firmware, WPA2 encryption. It connects to the VPN just fine but is unable to ping any internal IP addresses and I get the following log message everytime.

1 09:58:43.546 10/10/09 Sev=Warning/2 CVPND/0xE3400013

AddRoute failed to add a route: code 87





2 09:58:43.546 10/10/09 Sev=Warning/2 CM/0xA3100024

Unable to add route. Network: c0a801ff, Netmask: ffffffff, Interface: c0a801ed, Gateway: c0a80101.

I have tried the following troubleshooting tasks:

a) Plugged her laptop directly to the cable modem >> Works like a charm which makes me think it has got to be a router issue.

b) Reset the router to factory defaults, tried running it without any encryption, tried running it in DMZ mode >> No joy, still get the same above error message in the VPN log.

c) Opened up ports 500 and 1723 for TCP/IP and UDP with her laptop's IP address >> Still no luck.

All passthrough options are enabled for VPN in the router's config interface. I have also tried disabling the router's firewall.

I am at my wit's end here guys. Is it possible that the WRT54GS isn't VPN friendly (although it seems very unlikely) and I just have to get another router? Any help is appreciated.

The VPN is configured for IPSec/UDP


Re: WRT54GS VPN Connection Issues: Error code 87

Is this problem related to a Cisco device? So far, I only see reference to a Linksys device.

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Re: WRT54GS VPN Connection Issues: Error code 87

Well, it is a Cisco VPN and the client is Ugent VPN. So, I figured posting under the VPN forum might get the right visibility for my problem. I also tried the Linksys forums but haven't had any luck there.

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