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Cisco Cloud Security -- How to install AnyConnect Web Security using pre-deploy for PC

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Description: This video covers how to install AnyConnect Web Security using the pre-deploy method for PC (Windows).


Run Time: 10:26



00:00--01:14 Overview and Prerequisites

01:15--06:23 Overview of installation procedures, installation script specifics.

06:24--09:20 Windows Specific settings and configuration process.

09:21--10:14 Testing and verification of install.

10:15--10:26 Closing

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Hello, thanks for sharing the tutorial. 

I have some quick questions. If we use this kind of deployment it means that it doesn't require the use of a ASA firewall, correct?

I am trying to figure out which is the best way to deploy a Web Security Solution for a client that has several on-site user and some roaming users. I think I should suggest the customer to get a WSA solution and a CWS solution for the hybrid users. What do you think?

What is the best way to deploy those hybrid users? Is the Anyconnect client necessary here? The reason why I ask is because the customer has a lot of roaming users and the installation of the Anyconnect client might consume a lot of time.

Any help will be appreciated