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Integrating Cisco Cloud Web Security with ASA - Video from live webcast

(view in My Videos)

During the live webcast delivered by Maite Cadenas, she explained how to integrate Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).  Maite also took the audience through how Cisco ASA works with Cisco CWS and the necessary steps required and things to take into considerations in order to deploy Cisco CWS with Cisco ASA.



  • Introduction to Cloud Web Security (CWS)
  • Preparation for CWS ASA deployment
  • Deploying CWS on ASA
  • Verifications commands
  • Best Practices
  • Demo


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New Member

This was an excellent webcast. Anybody know if there will be a new webcast but with ISR instead of ASA?.



Thanks Victor.

There will be a new webcast on ISR next 22nd July. You can find the details here:


New Member

This is a great Video especially when working out the Identity Firewall feature with the ASA and CWS.

Is there anyway I can get this video in a higher quality as some of the material in the demo portion was difficult to see in low resolution?

Again, great video !

New Member

Hello Maite,

I was reference to you by Antonio and I need your help to fix some issues with CCWS of a customer.

Is there a way you can help me?.

If so, send me a message to

Thanks a lot.