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Site to Site VPN tunnel on ASA


(view in My Videos)

Site To Site VPN tunnel creation video.

By: Ankur Thukral


Ankur Thukral is a customer support engineer for Cisco in Bangalore, India. In this video, Ankur will discuss IPsec, Sysopt Connection permit-vpn and components used.


You may refer the following link for more details----

New Member

Great Video, Champ. Good to see you after a long time

New Member

Very Informative.

New Member

Good Video, next video should be of RA VPN.

New Member

After seeing your video, I found it's so easy to configure site-to-site vpn on ASA. Can you please help me on how to configure S2S VPN between sites having same local subnet?

New Member

Hi Ankur,

Great Video.  What if you have one site with Dynamic IP for WAN.  I have ASA5505 running firmware V.8.2 (5) at both sites. Please help..

New Member

Hi Anjkur,

thanks for the vedio, just few doubt to clarify on IPSec L2L

1) if we have no nat-control on the ASA, do we still need to have no-nat acl for vpn tunnel subnets?.

2) what could be the issue to see  #recv errors when we check sh cry ips peer x.x.x.x ?.

3) what could be the issue the only encry or decrp packets to see at one end, (provided that we have the same matching ACL on both sides).

appreciate if you can answer to above.. thanks..

Session was good.... simple and superb!!! :-)