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ACS Policies 5.3 disappears

Hi guys!

Today I was almost crazy because I was changing one Policy (removing a condition in and replacing for a condition not in) and the ACS was freezing, after some minutes it gives a message that I clicked many times and back again. After that all my policies was deleted!!

Does anyone have a situation like this one? My be a browser bug can affect ACS DB?

Me and my boss almost crazy with this situation.


Cisco Employee

Hi Milton,

Hi Milton,

I hope you are doing great! Yes, this is a new bug and has been affected all customers that uses unsupported browsers when managing the ACS 5.x GUI.

Please refer to the following link to have more details about this bug:

ACS: Editing Service Selection Rules in Firefox 46 erases all rules

Also, please read carefully the following Release Note and start using immediately supported browsers for ACS 5.3 versions:

Release Notes for Cisco Secure Access Control System 5.3

Supported Web Client/Browsers

You can access ACS 5.3 administrative user interface using the following Web Client/Browsers:

  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 and 3)
  • Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer version 7.x
  • Internet Explorer version 8.x
  • Internet Explorer version 9.x
  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.x
  • Mozilla Firefox version 4.x

The above mentioned browsers are supported only with one of the following cipher suits:


You should install Windows XP SP3 to use SHA2 256-bit certificates as management certificates.

Right now, this bug is pretty new and although the version 5.3 is not listed under affected versions, it also might be.

Unfortunately, the only solution that exists right now is to use one of the browsers listed above.

I hope this information helps you,

Best regards,

Osvaldo G.

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