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Problemas con asa 5505

        Tengo un cisco asa 5505 y al momento de conectarme mediante Putty me arroja lo siguiente


Embedded BIOS Version 1.0(12)13 08/28/08 15:50:37.45

Low Memory: 632 KB
High Memory: 507 MB
PCI Device Table.
Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class              Irq
 00  01  00   1022   2080  Host Bridge
 00  01  02   1022   2082  Chipset En/Decrypt 11
 00  0C  00   1148   4320  Ethernet           11
 00  0D  00   177D   0003  Network En/Decrypt 10
 00  0F  00   1022   2090  ISA Bridge
 00  0F  02   1022   2092  IDE Controller
 00  0F  03   1022   2093  Audio              10
 00  0F  04   1022   2094  Serial Bus         9
 00  0F  05   1022   2095  Serial Bus         9

Evaluating BIOS Options ...
Launch BIOS Extension to setup ROMMON

Cisco Systems ROMMON Version (1.0(12)13) #0: Thu Aug 28 15:55:27 PDT 2008
i2c_read_word_w_wait() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 134 byte coun                                                                                        t = 2. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR

Platform ASA5505

Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot.
Use SPACE to begin boot immediately.

Launching BootLoader...
Default configuration file contains 1 entry.

Searching / for images to boot.

Loading /asa825-k8.bin... Booting...
Platform ASA5505

¦dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN
Starting check/repair pass.
Starting verification pass.
/dev/hda1: 122 files, 31119/62014 clusters
dosfsck(/dev/hda1) returned 0

Processor memory 383561728, Reserved memory: 62914560 (DSOs: 0 + kernel: 62914560)

Total SSMs found: 0

Total NICs found: 10
i2c_write_byte_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 128 byte count = 1. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR
esw_init_startup_info(): Unable to obtain device info.
0¦¦ rev  Gigabit Ethernet @ index 09 MAC: 0000.0003.0002
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 08 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a75
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 07 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a74
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 06 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a73
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 05 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a72
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 04 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a71
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 03 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a70
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 02 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a6f
0¦¦ rev  Ethernet @ index 01 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a6e
y88acs06 rev16 Gigabit Ethernet @ index 00 MAC: b0fa.eb08.4a76

Licensed features for this platform:
Maximum Physical Interfaces    : 8
VLANs                          : 3, DMZ Restricted
Inside Hosts                   : 10
Failover                       : Disabled
VPN-DES                        : Enabled
VPN-3DES-AES                   : Enabled
SSL VPN Peers                  : 2
Total VPN Peers                : 10
Dual ISPs                      : Disabled
VLAN Trunk Ports               : 0
Shared License                 : Disabled
AnyConnect for Mobile          : Disabled
AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone : Disabled
AnyConnect Essentials          : Disabled
Advanced Endpoint Assessment   : Disabled
UC Phone Proxy Sessions        : 2
Total UC Proxy Sessions        : 2
Botnet Traffic Filter          : Disabled

This platform has a Base license.

Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-5505 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0)
                             Boot microcode   : CN1000-MC-BOOT-2.00
                             SSL/IKE microcode: CNLite-MC-SSLm-PLUS-2.03
                             IPSec microcode  : CNlite-MC-IPSECm-MAIN-2.05

0x0xc6ba6850: 0x093e0844
i2c_read_word_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 134 byte count = 2. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR
imb_upgrade_thread: IMB in slot 0 is version 0.0
imb_upgrade_thread: IMB in slot 0 is being upgraded to 1.8
IMBFS: Updating the IMB to v1.8. Please wait...
i2c_write_block_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 136 byte count = 8. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR
IMBFS: I2C error 7 writing block to IMB image buffer
IMBFS: Write failure, invalid number of bytes written, actual 32, expected 2848
Panic: imb_upgrade_thread - imb_upgrade_thread: Error writing IMB upgrade image to slot 0.

Thread Name: imb_upgrade_thread
Abort: Assert failure
    vector 0x00000020
       edi 0xc6a94320
       esi 0x00000000
       ebp 0xc6ba6928
       esp 0xc6ba6f10
       ebx 0x00000000
       edx 0x00000000
       ecx 0x00000001
       eax 0x09538c60
error code n/a
       eip 0x080663a0
        cs 0x00000073
    eflags 0x00003246
       CR2 0x00000000

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(5)

Compiled on Fri 20-May-11 16:00 by builders
Hardware:   ASA5505
Crashinfo collected on 01:15:57.359 UTC Tue Mar 3 2015

0: 0x805e2d3
1: 0x805ede7
2: 0x8a63c84
3: 0xdd6aa6d5
4: 0xdd57d1e0
5: 0x8a616c5
6: 0x8066420
7: 0x852000c
8: 0x8063ba3
Stack dump: base:0x0xc6ba6828 size:660, active:660
 entries above '==': return PC preceded by input parameters
 entries below '==': local variables followed by saved regs
             '==Fn': stack frame n, contains next stack frame
                '*': stack pointer at crash
 For example:
    0xeeeeef00: 0x005d0707     : arg3
    0xeeeeeefc: 0x00000159     : arg2
    0xeeeeeef8: 0x005d0722     : arg1
    0xeeeeeef4: 0x005d1754     : return PC
    0xeeeeeef0: 0xeeeeef20 ==F2: stack frame F2
    0xeeeeeeec: 0x00def9e0     : local variable
    0xeeeeeee8: 0x0187df9e     : local variable or saved reg
    0xeeeeeee4: 0x01191548     : local variable or saved reg
    0xeeeeeee0: 0x014dde20     : local variable or saved reg
0x0xc6ba7278-0x0xc6ba7260: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba725c: 0x0933b6fb
0x0xc6ba7258: 0xc6bad798
0x0xc6ba7254: 0xc6ba3050
0x0xc6ba7250: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba724c: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba7248: 0xa11c0123
0x0xc6ba7244: 0x00000053
0x0xc6ba7240: 0xef80d4d0
0x0xc6ba723c: 0xa11ccdef
0x0xc6ba7238-0x0xc6ba7234: 0x0fffffff
0x0xc6ba7230-0x0xc6ba7228: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7224: 0x09fcb3c0
0x0xc6ba7220: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba721c: 0xc6ba71c0
0x0xc6ba7218: 0xc6ba7200
0x0xc6ba7214: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7210: 0xc69a8de8
0x0xc6ba720c-0x0xc6ba71ec: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba71e8: 0x09d215fc
0x0xc6ba71e4: 0x08058e30
0x0xc6ba71e0: 0x0953938f
0x0xc6ba71dc: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba71d8: 0x0001002c
0x0xc6ba71d4: 0x0a1d42a0
0x0xc6ba71d0: 0xc6ba71c0
0x0xc6ba71cc: 0xc6ba2fd0
0x0xc6ba71c8: 0xc6bad718
0x0xc6ba71c4: 0xc69a8de8
0x0xc6ba71c0: 0xc6ba7210
0x0xc6ba71bc: 0xdeadfeed
0x0xc6ba71b8-0x0xc6ba71b0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba71ac: 0x08058fcd
0x0xc6ba71a8: 0xc6bad6e8
0x0xc6ba71a4: 0xc6ba2fa0
0x0xc6ba71a0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba719c: 0x00000084
0x0xc6ba7198: 0xa11c0123
0x0xc6ba7194: 0x000000b3
0x0xc6ba7190: 0xef80d4d0
0x0xc6ba718c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7188: 0xa11ccdef
0x0xc6ba7184: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7180: 0x0851fde0
0x0xc6ba717c-0x0xc6ba7174: 0x00000000 ==F8
0x0xc6ba7170-0x0xc6ba70e4: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba70e0: 0x08063b4d
0x0xc6ba70dc: 0xc6ba70b0
0x0xc6ba70d8: 0xc6ba7178
0x0xc6ba70d4-0x0xc6ba70c8: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba70c4-0x0xc6ba70b4: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba70b0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba70ac: 0x08063ba3
0x0xc6ba70a8: 0xc6ba7178 ==F7
0x0xc6ba70a4-0x0xc6ba709c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7098: 0x00000520
0x0xc6ba7094-0x0xc6ba707c: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba7078: 0x00302f73
0x0xc6ba7074: 0x66626d69
0x0xc6ba7070-0x0xc6ba706c: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba7068: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba7064: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7060: 0x095393a2
0x0xc6ba705c: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba7058: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7054: 0x09538c60
0x0xc6ba7050: 0x095392f8
0x0xc6ba704c: 0x0852000c
0x0xc6ba7048: 0xc6ba70a8 ==F6
0x0xc6ba7044: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7040: 0xc6ba7054
0x0xc6ba703c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba7038: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba7034: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba7030: 0xc6a94aa0
0x0xc6ba702c: 0x08066e8f
0x0xc6ba7028: 0xc6ba7048
0x0xc6ba7024: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba7020: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba701c: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba7018: 0xc6ba7074
0x0xc6ba7014: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba7010: 0x09538160
0x0xc6ba700c: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba7008: 0x08066e8f
0x0xc6ba7004: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba7000: 0x09539000
0x0xc6ba6ffc: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6ff8: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba6ff4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6ff0: 0xc6a94aa0
0x0xc6ba6fec: 0x09311b38
0x0xc6ba6fe8: 0xc6ba7028
0x0xc6ba6fe4: 0x000013c6
0x0xc6ba6fe0-0x0xc6ba6fdc: 0xc6a94aa0
0x0xc6ba6fd8-0x0xc6ba6fd4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6fd0: 0x00000007
0x0xc6ba6fcc: 0x09332e0e
0x0xc6ba6fc8: 0xc6ba6ff8
0x0xc6ba6fc4: 0x098bfdf8
0x0xc6ba6fc0: 0xc6bb1610
0x0xc6ba6fbc: 0x08ac2247
0x0xc6ba6fb8: 0xc6ba6fe8
0x0xc6ba6fb4: 0xc6a94aa0
0x0xc6ba6fb0: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba6fac: 0x00000003
0x0xc6ba6fa8: 0x098bfafb
0x0xc6ba6fa4: 0xc6bb15f0
0x0xc6ba6fa0: 0xc6800008
0x0xc6ba6f9c: 0x093461d8
0x0xc6ba6f98: 0xc6ba6fb8
0x0xc6ba6f94: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba6f90: 0xc6800008
0x0xc6ba6f8c: 0x08ac1809
0x0xc6ba6f88: 0xc6ba6fb8
0x0xc6ba6f84: 0x0a137a60
0x0xc6ba6f80: 0xc6bb15e8
0x0xc6ba6f7c: 0x000a2e30
0x0xc6ba6f78: 0x20746f6c
0x0xc6ba6f74: 0x73206f74
0x0xc6ba6f70: 0x20656761
0x0xc6ba6f6c: 0x6d692065
0x0xc6ba6f68: 0x64617267
0x0xc6ba6f64: 0x70752042
0x0xc6ba6f60: 0x4d492067
0x0xc6ba6f5c: 0x6e697469
0x0xc6ba6f58: 0x72772072
0x0xc6ba6f54: 0x6f727245
0x0xc6ba6f50: 0x203a6461
0x0xc6ba6f4c: 0x65726874
0x0xc6ba6f48: 0x5f656461
0x0xc6ba6f44: 0x72677075
0x0xc6ba6f40: 0x5f626d69
0x0xc6ba6f3c: 0x0933c900
0x0xc6ba6f38: 0x0a383438
0x0xc6ba6f34: 0x32206465
0x0xc6ba6f30: 0x74636570
0x0xc6ba6f2c: 0x09340ca2
0x0xc6ba6f28: 0xc6ba7054
0x0xc6ba6f24: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6f20: 0x095392f8
0x0xc6ba6f1c: 0x00000100
0x0xc6ba6f18-0x0xc6ba6f14: 0xc6ba6f40
0x0xc6ba6f10: 0x09781f95 *
0x0xc6ba6f0c: 0x08066420
0x0xc6ba6f08: 0xc6ba7048 ==F5
0x0xc6ba6f04: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6f00: 0xc6ba6f40
0x0xc6ba6efc: 0x08a616c5
0x0xc6ba6ef8: 0xc6ba6f08 ==F4
0x0xc6ba6ef4: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba6ef0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6eec: 0xc6ba6f40
0x0xc6ba6ee8: 0x00000006
0x0xc6ba6ee4: 0x00010005
0x0xc6ba6ee0: 0x5f433249
0x0xc6ba6edc: 0x203a6e6f
0x0xc6ba6ed8: 0x00000006
0x0xc6ba6ed4: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6ed0: 0xc6ba705c
0x0xc6ba6ecc: 0x0935eb28
0x0xc6ba6ec8: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba6ec4: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6ec0: 0x00000009
0x0xc6ba6ebc: 0x08a615a2
0x0xc6ba6eb8: 0xffffffd8
0x0xc6ba6eb4-0x0xc6ba6eb0: 0xc3ffdd9c
0x0xc6ba6eac: 0x00000005
0x0xc6ba6ea8: 0xc6ba7004
0x0xc6ba6ea4: 0x00000050
0x0xc6ba6ea0: 0xc6ba6eec
0x0xc6ba6e9c: 0x0830f264
0x0xc6ba6e98: 0xdd6a45fa
0x0xc6ba6e94: 0xc6ba6eec
0x0xc6ba6e90-0x0xc6ba6e8c: 0x00000050
0x0xc6ba6e88: 0x00000051
0x0xc6ba6e84: 0x00000050
0x0xc6ba6e80: 0xc6ba6eec
0x0xc6ba6e7c: 0x081c0899
0x0xc6ba6e78: 0xc6ba6e98
0x0xc6ba6e74: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6e70: 0x09dd8687
0x0xc6ba6e6c: 0x0805aeaf
0x0xc6ba6e68: 0xc6ba6e98
0x0xc6ba6e64: 0xc6ba6eec
0x0xc6ba6e60: 0x00000051
0x0xc6ba6e5c: 0x000009c6
0x0xc6ba6e58: 0xc6ba6e7c
0x0xc6ba6e54: 0x0000001a
0x0xc6ba6e50: 0xc6ba3238
0x0xc6ba6e4c: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6e48: 0xc6ba6f88
0x0xc6ba6e44: 0xc6ba6e7c
0x0xc6ba6e40: 0x0000007a
0x0xc6ba6e3c: 0x00000088
0x0xc6ba6e38: 0x000a2e30
0x0xc6ba6e34: 0x20746f6c
0x0xc6ba6e30: 0x73206f74
0x0xc6ba6e2c: 0x20656761
0x0xc6ba6e28: 0x6d692065
0x0xc6ba6e24: 0x64617267
0x0xc6ba6e20: 0x70752042
0x0xc6ba6e1c: 0x4d492067
0x0xc6ba6e18: 0x6e697469
0x0xc6ba6e14: 0x72772072
0x0xc6ba6e10: 0x6f727245
0x0xc6ba6e0c: 0x203a6461
0x0xc6ba6e08: 0x65726874
0x0xc6ba6e04: 0x5f656461
0x0xc6ba6e00: 0x72677075
0x0xc6ba6dfc: 0x5f626d69
0x0xc6ba6df8: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6df4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6df0: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6dec: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6de8: 0xc6ba6f14
0x0xc6ba6de4: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6de0: 0x09781f95
0x0xc6ba6ddc: 0x00000100
0x0xc6ba6dd8: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6dd4: 0x0000001a
0x0xc6ba6dd0: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6dcc: 0x0806606b
0x0xc6ba6dc8: 0xc6ba6f08
0x0xc6ba6dc4: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6dc0: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6dbc: 0xc6ba6f40
0x0xc6ba6db8: 0xc6ba6f14
0x0xc6ba6db4: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6db0: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6dac: 0x08a5f264
0x0xc6ba6da8: 0xc6ba6dc8
0x0xc6ba6da4: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6da0-0x0xc6ba6d9c: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6d98: 0x00000040
0x0xc6ba6d94: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6d90: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6d8c: 0x081c0899
0x0xc6ba6d88: 0xc6ba6da8
0x0xc6ba6d84: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6d80: 0x09dd86f5
0x0xc6ba6d7c: 0x0805aeaf
0x0xc6ba6d78: 0xc6ba6da8
0x0xc6ba6d74: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6d70: 0x00000040
0x0xc6ba6d6c: 0x00000a34
0x0xc6ba6d68: 0x00000015
0x0xc6ba6d64: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6d60: 0x0973fbc6
0x0xc6ba6d5c: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6d58: 0xc6ba6e78
0x0xc6ba6d54: 0x0953904d
0x0xc6ba6d50: 0x0000000a
0x0xc6ba6d4c: 0x09538fb5
0x0xc6ba6d48: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6d44: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6d40: 0xc6ba6d54
0x0xc6ba6d3c: 0x08a67c4b
0x0xc6ba6d38: 0xc6ba6d88
0x0xc6ba6d34: 0xc6ba6dfc
0x0xc6ba6d30: 0xc6ba6d54
0x0xc6ba6d2c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6d28: 0x00000802
0x0xc6ba6d24: 0x00000004
0x0xc6ba6d20: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6d1c: 0x08a678c6
0x0xc6ba6d18: 0xc6ba6d38
0x0xc6ba6d14: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba6d10-0x0xc6ba6d0c: 0xc6ba6d54
0x0xc6ba6d08: 0xffffffd8
0x0xc6ba6d04-0x0xc6ba6d00: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6cfc: 0xdd6aa961
0x0xc6ba6cf8: 0xc6ba6d18
0x0xc6ba6cf4: 0xdd6ac194
0x0xc6ba6cf0: 0x09781f98
0x0xc6ba6cec: 0x0900d4a9
0x0xc6ba6ce8: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6ce4: 0x098bfee8
0x0xc6ba6ce0: 0x0000000a
0x0xc6ba6cdc: 0xdd6a45fa
0x0xc6ba6cd8: 0x0000003f
0x0xc6ba6cd4-0x0xc6ba6cc8: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6cc4: 0x000000c1
0x0xc6ba6cc0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6cbc: 0x20000000
0x0xc6ba6cb8: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba6cb4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6cb0: 0xffff5061
0x0xc6ba6cac: 0xffffc000
0x0xc6ba6ca8-0x0xc6ba6c9c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6c98: 0x4002c000
0x0xc6ba6c94-0x0xc6ba6c60: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6c5c: 0x0000007b
0x0xc6ba6c58: 0xc6b804cc
0x0xc6ba6c54: 0x05d80073
0x0xc6ba6c50: 0x08c74088
0x0xc6ba6c4c: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba6c48: 0xffff5061
0x0xc6ba6c44: 0xffff037f
0x0xc6ba6c40: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6c3c: 0xde10007b
0x0xc6ba6c38: 0x0000007b
0x0xc6ba6c34: 0x0080cd00
0x0xc6ba6c30: 0x0000adb8
0x0xc6ba6c2c: 0xffffffbe
0x0xc6ba6c28: 0xbe3b5a05
0x0xc6ba6c24: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6c20: 0xbe3b5a05
0x0xc6ba6c1c: 0xc6ba6c44
0x0xc6ba6c18: 0x0000007b
0x0xc6ba6c14: 0xc6ba6eb4
0x0xc6ba6c10: 0x00003246
0x0xc6ba6c0c: 0x00000073
0x0xc6ba6c08: 0xdd6aa7ab
0x0xc6ba6c04-0x0xc6ba6c00: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6bfc: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba6bf8: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6bf4: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba6bf0: 0x00000009
0x0xc6ba6bec: 0xc6ba6eb4
0x0xc6ba6be8: 0xc6ba6ef8
0x0xc6ba6be4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6be0: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6bdc-0x0xc6ba6bd8: 0x0000007b
0x0xc6ba6bd4: 0x00000033
0x0xc6ba6bd0: 0x0000002f
0x0xc6ba6bcc: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6bc8: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba6bc4-0x0xc6ba6bbc: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6bb8: 0xc6ba6cd8
0x0xc6ba6bb4: 0xc6ba6dec
0x0xc6ba6bb0: 0x00000038
0x0xc6ba6bac-0x0xc6ba6ba8: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6ba4: 0x00000080
0x0xc6ba6ba0: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b9c: 0x0000000e
0x0xc6ba6b98: 0xc6ba6c1c
0x0xc6ba6b94: 0xc6ba6b9c
0x0xc6ba6b90: 0x0000000e
0x0xc6ba6b8c: 0xdd57d1e0
0x0xc6ba6b88: 0xc6ba6f58
0x0xc6ba6b84: 0xc69a8c68
0x0xc6ba6b80: 0x09fcb654
0x0xc6ba6b7c: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba6b78: 0xc6ba6c1c
0x0xc6ba6b74: 0xc6ba6b9c
0x0xc6ba6b70: 0x0000000e
0x0xc6ba6b6c: 0xdd6aa6d5
0x0xc6ba6b68: 0xc6ba6b88
0x0xc6ba6b64-0x0xc6ba6b60: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b5c: 0xdd6ac194
0x0xc6ba6b58-0x0xc6ba6b54: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba6b50: 0x00003282
0x0xc6ba6b4c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b48: 0x000001fd
0x0xc6ba6b44-0x0xc6ba6b40: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b3c: 0x00000006
0x0xc6ba6b38: 0xc6ba6bbc
0x0xc6ba6b34: 0xc6ba6b3c
0x0xc6ba6b30: 0x00000006
0x0xc6ba6b2c: 0xdd57d1e0
0x0xc6ba6b28: 0xc6ba6ef8 ==F3
0x0xc6ba6b24: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b20: 0x00000009
0x0xc6ba6b1c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6b18: 0xc6ba6bbc
0x0xc6ba6b14: 0xc6ba6b3c
0x0xc6ba6b10: 0x00000006
0x0xc6ba6b0c: 0xdd6aa6d5
0x0xc6ba6b08: 0xc6ba6b28 ==F2
0x0xc6ba6b04: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6b00: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6afc: 0xdd6ac194
0x0xc6ba6af8-0x0xc6ba6ac8: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6ac4: 0x00003246
0x0xc6ba6ac0: 0x00000073
0x0xc6ba6abc: 0xdd6aa7ab
0x0xc6ba6ab8: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6ab4: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba6ab0: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6aac: 0x00000008
0x0xc6ba6aa8: 0x00000009
0x0xc6ba6aa4: 0xc6ba6eb4
0x0xc6ba6aa0: 0xc6ba6ef8
0x0xc6ba6a9c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6a98: 0xc6ba6ee4
0x0xc6ba6a94-0x0xc6ba6a18: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6a14: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba6a10: 0x2b97454d
0x0xc6ba6a0c-0x0xc6ba69d0: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba69cc: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba69c8-0x0xc6ba6998: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba6994: 0xffffffbe
0x0xc6ba6990: 0xbe3f5b05
0x0xc6ba698c: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba6988: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6984: 0xc6ba6990
0x0xc6ba6980: 0x00000002
0x0xc6ba697c: 0xdd6a7e31
0x0xc6ba6978: 0xc6ba6a28
0x0xc6ba6974: 0xc6ba6a10
0x0xc6ba6970: 0xc6ba6990
0x0xc6ba696c: 0xdd6ac194
0x0xc6ba6968-0x0xc6ba693c: 0xffffffff
0x0xc6ba6938: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6934: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6930: 0x09eb2220
0x0xc6ba692c: 0x08a63c84
0x0xc6ba6928: 0xc6ba6b08 ==F1
0x0xc6ba6924-0x0xc6ba691c: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6918: 0x00000080
0x0xc6ba6914: 0x0000002c
0x0xc6ba6910: 0x348a308d
0x0xc6ba690c: 0x0805e3bd
0x0xc6ba6908: 0xc6ba6928
0x0xc6ba6904-0x0xc6ba68cc: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba68c8: 0x0966ee2f
0x0xc6ba68c4: 0x0950e54c
0x0xc6ba68c0: 0x00003246
0x0xc6ba68bc: 0x00000073
0x0xc6ba68b8: 0x080663a0
0x0xc6ba68b4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba68b0: 0x09538c60
0x0xc6ba68ac: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba68a8-0x0xc6ba68a4: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba68a0: 0xc6ba6f10
0x0xc6ba689c: 0xc6ba6928
0x0xc6ba6898: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6894: 0xc6a94320
0x0xc6ba6890: 0x00000020
0x0xc6ba688c: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba6888-0x0xc6ba6884: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6880: 0x09eb2220
0x0xc6ba687c: 0xdd6a7e31
0x0xc6ba6878: 0xc6ba6928
0x0xc6ba6874: 0xc6ba6910
0x0xc6ba6870: 0xc6ba6890
0x0xc6ba686c: 0xdd6ac194
0x0xc6ba6868-0x0xc6ba6858: 0x12345678
0x0xc6ba6854: 0x0953938f
0x0xc6ba6850: 0x093e0844
0x0xc6ba684c: 0x0805edf8
0x0xc6ba6848: 0xc6ba6928
0x0xc6ba6844: 0xc6ba68cc
0x0xc6ba6840: 0x09eb225c
0x0xc6ba683c: 0x00000001
0x0xc6ba6838-0x0xc6ba6834: 0x00000000
0x0xc6ba6830: 0x00353035
0x0xc6ba682c: 0x35415341

Begin to dump crashinfo to flash....

End of console dump.
Do 'show crashinfo' after reboot to retrieve other crash information
Process shutdown finished

Se reinicia una y otra vez   alguna ayuda ?? 



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