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Access-List Critical Situation-Please Help

Dear All,

I have cisco router for internet 1841.

He has 2 interface as following :-

1. Fast Ethernet 0/0 :-

Description : connected to My ISP Router FOR INTERNET Connection. .

IP Address of this Interface : /

2. Fast Ethernet 0 /1 :-

Description : connected to My Cisco Switch For Connect devices

IP Address of this Interface : /

The Access List which implemented on it : ip access-group 103 out

The IP Schema for My Company which the ISP Has assign it to me was the following :-

< First Network > :-

Which is assign only to the Interface F0/0 :-

< ? UP TO >

< Second Network >

Which is assign only to the Interface F0/1 :-

< ? UP TO > .

The Route for My traffic is < IP Route > .

The Cable which is getting out from Interface F 0 / 1, is plugged in UNMANAGED Switch in Port 2 to connect other devices with Network 2 like My Firewall and MY CEO PC under real IP as well .

The FIREWALL Called Fortigate and its configuration as following:-

First Nic :-

IP :

SM :

GW :

Second Nic

IP Address :

SM :

All the Users in My LAN Configured to use the FW as NAT , and all of them are configured with it?s as GATEWAY.

Our E-mail Server is Hosted Out side, and we are using the POP3 & SMTP to access it. We do not have exchange server at all,

POP3 :


There is No any Restriction at all on the Firewall to disable any traffic or stop any thing at all, and every thing is Open in the Inbound & Outbound interfaces on the Firewall.

Now ,

1 PC is located not behind the firewall at all, but they are located behind the Interface F 0 / 1 .

The setting of this PC as following :-

< IP : ? SM : ? GW : ? DNS : > .

This User is reported to me that, he is unable to download his E-mails through POP3, but able to send using SMTP.

All the other users who using Firewall, able to send and receive using POP3 & SMTP without any Problem at all.

He is only the one who have this Problem.

Even if I change the IP and put any other IP from the Second Network, we found the same Problem.

The Access List as following :-

access-list 103 permit tcp any host eq smtp.

access-list 103 permit tcp any host eq pop3.

access-list 1 permit

access-list 1 permit

access-list 103 permit ip any any.

if you look to the first access list, it meaning like that :

The Router have an extended access list called 103, to permit the TCP Protocol, on Port 25 from any source to this Destination only, as if the POP3 Server & SMTP Server is while this is not the situation at all.

And the same but for POP3.

And I open every thing on Protocol IP From any where to any where .

1- Now, could be the Problem of this user who is using Real IP behind Interface F 0 /1 , the first access list ?

Because its only open smtp for this host only , which is MY FIREWALL ?

Could it be ?

But in the same time, I enable or I open every thing on this access list , so I am getting confused .

2- what will happen if I wrote a special Access-list to enable only this IP like that :-

Access-list 103 permit tcp host any eq SMTP

Access-list 103 Permit tcp host any eq POP3.

3- or should I wrote an access-list to open the POP3 Server which is to this user only like that :-

Access-list 103 Permit tcp host host eq POP3

Access-list 103 Permit tcp host host eq SMTP

4- could be the Problem on the Access-list it self direction ?

should I put it on F0/0 Out?


Re: Access-List Critical Situation-Please Help

The issue may be with the Access list configured in the router. The access -list should be configured in a correct directionohterwise packets will be dropped and this leads to loss of connection.

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Re: Access-List Critical Situation-Please Help


please, try to be more clear about what you want...

In the end, what do you want _exactly_ ?

what do you want to allow incoming from internet to your lan2 + fw ?

what do you want to allow outgoing from lan2+fw to internet ?

keep it short and concise, the ~100 lines of your previous post are... a confusing melt :)

what about

? Is this related ? did you tried out the changes suggested ?


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